Testimonials from Patients

Fionnuala’s approach is always very thorough, she has a very friendly approach, chatty and I always feel at ease. She is confident and knowledgeable. Treatment always included advice on how to prevent a problem or strengthen an area. I found the dry needling very successful.

Barbara, Aug 2012

“Extremely professional with a very friendly approach. Everything was explained in great detail so I knew what was happening beforehand and I felt very comfortable with Fionnuala and could ask her questions throughout the treatment(s). The sessions were never rushed & I was extremely happy to return for further sessions to aid me in my recovery”

Patricia, Aug 2012


Excellent treatment – I don’t know what would have happened me if I hadn’t found Fionnuala. Her approach is calm and knowledgeable and always professional. Very good rehabilitation showing me how to sit and stand properly and how to do my exercises and stretches to alleviate my problems. Everything worked really well.

Bernie Ashe,  Aug 2012



Overall very good treatment, very relaxing, with good pressure for Reflexology Treatment. Down to earth and very helpful approach. Fionnuala is very professional and knowledgeable and gave very good overall advice for self/homecare. I found Reflexology and physical therapy for headaches and advice for relief of headaches and nutrition all worked well, Reflexology for stress – improved sleeping patterns and relaxation, Reflexology for digestive issues – healed the digestive issue. : Overall very good and relaxing, benefited from every session, highly recommend!!
Deirdre, Aug 2012

Overall excellent treatment and approach, very professional, gave excellent rehab advice. Treatment worked well on my calf muscles, although it was painful they are much better now. My main problem is still ongoing and Fionnuala has helped identify what needs to be addressed to resolve it, providing referral letters and information to consultants. Fionnuala listens to her client and also puts you at ease while she is treating you, I would recommend her highly.
M. Kelly, Aug 2012

One day overdue on 4th baby, I really didn’t want to go way overdue again, also had not been sleeping well. Fionnuala gave me a refelxology session designed to work on the Labour points, also a relaxing massage and a little dry needling to work on acupuncture points for labour. Had the best sleep ever afterwards and went into labour then next day, had a beautiful baby girl. Happy days. Would definitely recommend a few sessions during pregnancy, it was of great benefit to me and Fionnuala is very knowledgeable on all the ins and outs of pregnancy and motherhood.

Caroline, Sept 2012

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity- “Fionnuala is a highly qualified Physical Therapist with a pedigree for solving sports related injury problems. Her attention to detail and personable approach ensures that the client becomes centrally involved in assisting the therapist to resolve the injury problem. This technique and approach would not work unless the therapist excelled in communicating and building rapport with the client,which Fionnuala does brilliantly. I would have no hesitation in using Fionnuala’s services again.”

Christy Hynes January 4, 2012



Great Results, Personable, Expert “Fionnula worked on various problems including a frozen shoulder. Inflicts pain but gets results! And always with a smile. Very knowledgeble and qualified in various discilplines.”

Mark Teevan. December 21, 2011

If people view feedback as a gift, it becomes more valuable—both for the giver and receiver. Philip Friedrich. http://people.cpp.com/rs/cpp/images/Feedback_as_a_Gift.pdf

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