Exercise Classes – Staying Strong, Staying Steady

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Exercise classes to help maintain independence, keep mobile and on your feet. Make new friends, have fun….come and join us

Staying Strong, Staying Steady Schedule of classes:

Where?:                    Wellness Centre, Kilcock        When?   Wednesday 11.30

                                     Leinster Clinic Maynooth             When? Thursdays 11.30 am


What to wear?:         Comfortable clothing and flat comfortable shoes

Classes will be for a maximum of 15 participants. . As soon as you contact me you will go on the list for the next available assessment and place in the class.

Class consists of warm up, mobility and stretching exercises, then an endurance section where we try raise the heart rate – involves marching and other exercises,  then warm down, static and dynamic balance exercise section, strength training using therabands, backward chaining (which is teaching how to get up and down from floor –  good practice as builds strength and good in case of fall), floor exercises, Cool down with flexibility exercises, cool down with adapted TaiChi exercises, followed by tea and chat.

Benefits of the Classes:

  1. Improved balance and strength
  2.  Improved function and quality of life
  3. Improved social contacts
  4. Reduced falls and injurious falls rate and falls risk
  5. Reduced fear of falling and improved confidence
  6. Reduced fracture risk/maintenance of bone health
  7. Have Fun!


Classes will last 1 hour, followed by 20-30 minutes tea and chat.

All equipment will be provided.

Picture1 Older ADULTS eXERCISINGolder group exercise bandsPicture2 Oldre Adults Exercising





Your instructor is a “Postural Stability Instructor” trained and accredited to work with older people


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