Covid 19

Covid 19

Kilcock Therapy  – Road Map to Re-opening

Phase 1

18th May 2020

Phase 2

8th June

Phase 3

29th June

Phase 4

20th July

Physical Therapy via video consultation (Zoom etc.) Physical Therapy via Zoom Physical Therapy via Zoom  

Physical Therapy  – mix of Zoom + 40 minute session in clinic

Strong + Steady Class by Zoom Strong + Steady class by Zoom and may move outside (depending on various factors Strong + Steady class by Zoom and may move outside (depending on various factors Strong + Steady class resumes in Wellness Centre (subject to conditions)

Note : the above is subject to change based on any change in government, HSE or professional guidelines.

My interpretation of government restrictions is that treatment in clinics are currently only allowed for essential medical treatment, for non-Covid 19 patients if full PPE is worn,  where treatment in clinic is deemed absolutely essential by the therapist, where the therapist deems the risks are warranted, and are confident they can adhere to government and HSE guidelines on infection control and decontamination. This requires close contact to be limited to 15 minutes. 8/6/20

For the safety of my clients, myself and my family and to ensure the most effective treatment I am currently planning on managing the practice as outlined above. I cannot envisage carrying out an effective assessment and treatment within 15 minutes. By phase 4 we will be able to have a session in clinic greater than 15 minutes in length. I  want to outline for you how your consultation will work in the different phases.


Making an appointment. 

This is the same as normal. To make an appointment simply call or message 087 284 8409, or send an email to

In phase 1-3 your consultation will be via Zoom or other video based technology. Your session will consist of full in-depth history taking as normal, assessment using movement and recently learned special procedures which allow me to carry out Neuro-Kinetic-therapy testing remotely, discussion of diagnosis and your treatment and rehab protocols. To date I have done several of these type of consultations and while they are different to how it worked before they have been very successful.

In phase 4 (from 20th July) When you make an appointment it will actually be for 2 sessions – A 20 minute phone or Zoom session to take full screening and history, and a 40 minute in person session for Assessment and Treatment

Screening questions will include:

  • Do you have a persistent cough?
  • Are you running a temperature ?
  • Experiencing flu-like aches and pains?
  • Having difficulty breathing ?
  • Experiencing cold-like symptoms ?
  • Have you experienced changes in your sense of taste/smell?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid19?
  • How long ago?
  • Have you been in an institution where there has been a Covid19 outbreak?
  • How long ago?
  • Any of your close contacts suffering from any cold or flu like symptoms?
  • Do you have a serious underlying medical condition?
  • Are you in a vulnerable age group?
  • Are you keeping track of all persons you are / have been in contact with?
  • Do you agree to notify me if you or any of your contacts develop symptoms?

Depending on how you answer it will decide if you can get an appointment in clinic at that time.

When you get an appointment you will receive a message or email stating the time and date of your appointment in case there are travel restrictions in place at the time.

What to expect at your appointment 

Appointment times in clinic will be shorter (you will already have had part of your consultation by Zoom or phone), this is to allow for full cleaning of area between clients and to ensure clients are not in contact with each other.

When you arrive you will need to remain in your car or outside and call me to let me know you have arrived. I will let you know when it is safe for you to enter. On entry you will be asked to use hand sanitiser, and to wear a mask (provided by you) for the duration of the appointment. You will be asked to bring your own washable reusable mask. As per current guidelines I will also be wearing a face mask, please don’t take offence.

Your appointment will commence with assessment and followed by treatment – during this it will not be possible to observe social distancing – so it will be carried out as quickly and as effectively as possible. Rehab protocols may need to be undertaken via further video consultations or if easy to understand will be emailed or otherwise sent to you.

Other differences

Previously in clinic I provided towels and thick towelling plinth covers to facilitate draping for the comfort of patients, in the interest of infection control and prevention this will not be possible, I will need you to bring your own towels for this purpose. I will still provide thin cotton sheets to cover the plinth, pillow and client. These will facilitate quick removal for full decontamination of plinth and pillow between clients, they are also easy to launder at high temperatures. I will be adhering to full infection control and decontamination guidelines while still maintaining as far as possible my high standards of environmentally friendly practice.

A box will be provided for you to put your shoes, clothes and personal possessions  in to limit contact with objects in the clinic.

In future if cash is your preferred payment type an envelope will be available for you put the cash in, please try and bring the exact amount. Otherwise card transactions using sumup which involve no contact at all will be used as has been usual for the clinic..

I apologise for these changes which are designed to protect you and me. As government advice changes I may have to amend these.

I will however make sure to maintain my usual standards of Integrity, Courtesy and Empathy.

Strong + Steady Classes

We will return to the Wellness Centre for classes on Monday 20th July.

It is likely that classes will be limited to 6 participants, booking will therefore be essential and payment in advance to secure a place in class.

Further details will be provided nearer to the time.

For more information about how you can protect yourself and others, the world Health Organisation has some advice here:

If you have any questions about these changes or any other questions about my services please feel free to get in touch.


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