Dorn Method

The DORN METHOD is a gentle treatment for the vertebrae and other joints. It is useful in treating illnesses directly or indirectly connected to the spinal column. The DORN METHOD is free of dangerous side effects, completely safe and yet very effective.

When can the DORN METHOD be applied?Dorn Method

The Treatment of choice for:

– Scoliosis, Lower Back Pain, Back and Neck Pains, Sciatica,

– Joint-Problems, Different Leg Length and other Structural Problems.

As recommended complement to ‘ALL’ other Therapies incl. Chronic Inner

Conditions, Migraines, Problems with Immune System, and most others…

Remember: Only an aligned Spinal Column can deliver sufficient nerve impulses to the rest of our body!

The “gentle spine and joint treatment according to the DORN METHOD” is a gentle, sensitive shifting of the spine. It is a gentle correction back to the optimum position (with no cracks), which the body readily accepts. It is very rare that the spine slips out of place again in the short term if the patient follows the advice that follows a treatment.Dorn Method

DORN METHOD Therapists have observed for a long time that back and joint problems are almost always related to a movement of the relevant joint and vertebra out from their optimal position. The problem with the correction concerns the muscles. The muscles involuntarily reaction is that of inertia which also makes them retain a position. In addition, the “dislocated” vertebra is held firmly in that position by the muscles and thus a correction is very difficult.

Of course the muscles do not maintain this tight hold, only when necessary, but then they react quickly.

Chiropractors have found a solution to this: the short, time-delayed reactions of the muscles to a correction. With unexpected pressure or pulling the vertebra is moved so quickly that the muscles react too late. It creaks and cracks and can sometimes be dangerous. In Dorn Method all movements are slow and controlled by the patient and are never dangerous.

Your therapist Fionnuala Corcoran at Kilcock Therapy will combine Dorn Method and the nourishing Breuss massage as appropriate with other Physical Therapy techniques in consultation with you, the patient.

The origins of the DORN METHOD

Many people have at some stage in their live been troubled by acute sciatic or back pain or suffer from chronic pains and diseases where conventional medicine has been of no or limited help. For those who found their way to the farmer and sawmill owner Dieter Dorn in Lautrach, Germany or other DORN METHOD Therapists, it seems like a miracle how with a few simple, sensitive hand movements the problem went away and the pain very quickly vanished and, for many of them, did not return. Lay Healer Dieter Dorn, founder of the DORN METHOD has been doing this for over thirty years with great success. Dieter Dorn developed the method himself, he did not learn it, he just was

able to do it. Now is not alone anymore, several hundred of his students, who have learned the DORN METHOD from him or other authorized teachers are equally successful.

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