Physical Therapy

Physical Terapy is a natural drug free form of treatment utilising many therapeutic approaches. Providing a fast and effective treatment for many types of disorders such as long standing pain including back, muscle & joint related problems.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

A fully hands on approach to treat & help prevent problems that arise in the musculo-skeletal system due to injury or stress. Our approach is grounded in a scientific evidence base and is in line with conventional medical treatment based on the principles of anatomy and physiology


Your first visit to the clinic will consist of a consultation with your Physical Therapist. This will involve a comprehensive history taking and full assessment. Your therapist will want to know how the problem began and identify among other factors. Main site of discomfort, aggravating factors, duration of discomfort, relieving factors.
This information will help the Physical Therapist build a picture of the possible cause of your condition. At this point your Physical Therapist will ask if you wish to proceed with a physical assessment which will enable the Therapist to locate which aspects of your neuromuscular and skeletal system are dysfunctional.


Should you choose to proceed with the physical assessment your Physical Therapist will achieve this through an examination of soft tissues & joints using palpation, passive, active & resisted ranges of movement & various scientifically based tests. Your Physical Therapist will be able to identify the specific structures involved in your muscular/skeletal dysfunction through these various tests.
Based on the information and findings gathered through the history taking and assessment your Physical Therapist will explain to you what is causing your condition and inform you how they can help treat your condition or if required refer you to the appropriate health care professional.


At this point your Physical Therapist will ask you if you wish to proceed with an appropriate course of treatment.
If you decide to proceed a treatment plan will be designed specifically for you based on the above findings.
The number of treatments required depends on many factors, the condition itself, the length of time the condition has been present & reaction to the treatment. As part of the treatment various soft tissue, myofascial, joint mobilisation and muscle energy techniques will be used in order to achieve the desired result.

Home Care Programme

An integral part of your treatment will be exercises given to you by your Physical Therapist. These may include postural re-education, strengthening and/or stretching exercises. The prescription of these various exercises is aimed at helping the recovery process.
It must be remembered that your exercises are of vital importance when it comes to preparing your body to return to normal activities of daily living. Not performing the prescribed exercises can increase the length of time it will take to recover.

Benefits of Physical Therapy:

  • Alleviates Pain
  • Restores Optimum Mobility
  • Increases Range of Motion
  • Restores Posture and Strength
  • Educates to prevent re-occurrence